Jacqueline Martinez

Coldwell Banker Realty - Lincoln Park Clybourn

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Jacqueline Martinez

Coldwell Banker Realty - Lincoln Park Clybourn

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Finding a home in today's Market, can be a challenge, one which I accept wholehearted. With so much information to grasp, it's no wonder a Buyer can reach their wits end. Working with a professional Realtor Broker like myself, allows the clients to relax and actually enjoy the process of buying their HOME. I do all the searching and previewing hundreds of active listings to eliminate seeing units you just will not be happy viewing. The Multiple Listing Service I use allows me to specify your specific preferences narrowing down the search to only those properties that fit your specific needs. Eliminating wasted time and energy. End result is we see fewer properties that meet your precise needs and allowing you to buy your home sooner. Isn't that nice? Why do all the hard work? Let me. I'd be delighted. I can start anytime, I'll even help with the move. Ask me how.

SOLD -Isn't that the one word you want to hear when considering selling your home? Now consider this 85% of all sellers that attempt to sell their own home, end up utilizing a Brokerage firm sometime down the line. Usually so much later, they LOSE money. I'll tell you why. Pricing your home demands a comprehensive comparative market analysis (CMA) of other homes sold in the market in your area. Without these studies, you are blindly pricing you home. Usually attaching sentimental value as well. Fact is, setting a fair asking price helps you obtain the maximum selling price for your home. As a real estate professional, I use market research to arrive at an initial price that is both realistic and fair to you as the seller but also attractive to buyers. This pricing process takes into account a key number of factors, such as property location and condition, as well as the market history and current market activity. Bottom line is Price it right the first time, resulting in selling quickly.

Coldwell Banker Lincoln Park has an extraordinary marketing program. Marketing includes both local and regional coverage. Aggressive and guaranteed. We advertise in the most aggressive way fitting today’s savvy millennials. We have an in-house program that allows most Coldwell Banker’s listings to be sold through another Coldwell Banker agent. It's like having an Army of agents selling your home. With 100's of offices internationally. Marketing is our specialty.

With all that said and done. I'd like to describe my work. I am always delighted when meeting new clients, as well as revisiting old clients and or meeting their referrals. I get so excited to know that yet another client will soon be enjoying their beautiful home, thanks to my diligent hard work. Getting to know each one of you and listening to your needs help me to help you find that perfect fit. It is always a pleasure and sometimes a challenge to find that precise location that will encompass your life for either a short while, or the long haul. I'm always eager to hand over to you the keys to your home at closing. The look on a first time home buyers face says it all. When a wise investor signs on the dotted line, knowing his portfolio is getting more lucrative, that is what I work for. Knowing that I help folks just like you make an investment in their future, well it's no wonder I get paid at all. Helping you realize the American Dream. It's all worth it, and I'm ready to start working for you.



18 years

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Coldwell Banker Realty - Lincoln Park Clybourn

1910 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL, 60614

""Making the MOVE Simple""

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